We Give Thanks

every day for the blessings of our life.  I don’t need a day set aside to remind me of all I have to be thankful for. But,  I do love turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, homemade whipped cream, pumpkin pie, leftover turkey, turkey carcass soup, pumpkin pie – did I mention pumpkin pie?

Thanksgiving day this year was a really pretty day. Dave wanted to go deer hunting (doe day) and I had some outdoor projects. Friday was forecast to be cold and wet. There was no reason we couldn’t have Thanksgiving on Friday, so we did.

One of the things we are thankful for is that Dave has a job again. Work for skilled carpenters is rather slim, but he was hired as groundskeeper/animal feeder/ soon to be beekeeper at a unique farm/retail store nearby.  The farm is now licensed to produce ethanol for fuel, which I think is pretty interesting. They are currently building a community canning center. If you have never been to a community canning center, you are missing something! Dave agreed to feed the animals over the holiday weekend and I went over on Thursday to help.

Ambassador Kitty. I almost tucked this girl in my camera bag and hauled her home – she’s such a sweetie. Although Dave told me that I have created a monster by playing with her, as she now follows him every where and gets mad if he throws her out of the feed room. Are all calico cats so bossy?

I used to raise and show Rex rabbits. This broken otter is such a beauty!

Dutch? Neat blue eyes.

Dave told me there was a sow that was bigger than his truck.  I think this  friendly girl is darn close.

Donkeys being donkeys, you’re more likely to capture a donkey gazing into your lens than standing back looking prettily aloof.  I miss our donkeys.

This silly little earless goat (Lamancha or part Lamancha? I know nothing about goats) sure made me laugh.

Despite the missing neck feathers, this may be the prettiest rooster I’ve ever seen.

Later in the day, I treated myself to a few hours of working my way through an Aran/Fisherman’s Crochet Pattern with no interuptions.

It was a good day.


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3 Responses to We Give Thanks

  1. Dave’s job sounds great! Somehow missed your Thanksgiving post – very nice :-).

  2. Fabulous pictures! I love all of them.

    I enjoy pumpkin pie too ~ very much!

  3. Patrice says:

    Oo-oo critters!! The cat is really a beauty – and I miss my Rex bunnies too. I’d prolly get a house bunny if I could be certain Elvis wouldn’t eat it…

    Congrats to Dave, too. Sounds like the perfect fill-in job – maybe even the perfect job-job.

    And of course your photographs are magnificent.

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