Pretty is as pretty does..

this beauty is not as pretty as she looks!! Dorothy is in a snit this week. She hates rainy days and for some reason seems to think that I can fix it – or she just needs someone to bitch at. When I don’t (can’t) fix it she screams at the door or plants herself on top of bookcases, shelves, the freezer and slaps me in the head as I walk by. When the weather is nice, she likes to shred the deck posts…

She’s currently sitting on my printer, pushing the buttons. She likes the noises it makes.

And I just can’t consider this new addition…

as pretty as my Kromski (stock photo – I was too lazy to photograph my Polonaise today)

The new tool is  the Universal Dream Spinner, designed and built by Teri Hollingsworth of Warner Robins, GA and sold by Babe’s Fiber Garden or directly from Teri.I bought a used Babe’s HH electric spinner a year or so ago to use for plying. Plying is boring. There is no reason to look at the yarn and I want to go really fast. The HH is a champ for plying.

I’ve been kind of thinking about the UDS since I heard that it could take the Ashford jumbo flyer.  When I sold my Traditional, I kept the Woolee Winder and the Jumbo flyer.  I’d tried the Jumbo flyer on an old sewing machine treadle base  – worked, but I didn’t like spinning at a right angle to the orifice – and put together a rather odd looking contraption using an old sewing machine motor. That did spin well, but I had trouble getting the flyer to stop spinning quickly when I shut down the motor. And that makes a real mess! I happened upon a used UDS for sale at a good price and decided to give it a try. It handles the jumbo flyer just fine

which I’m really happy about. Rug yarn! Maybe I’ll finally play around with some Navajo style rugs!

I’ve been lusting after a Butterfly Spinner for a few years, but it’s still beyond my budget. I love the way it spins and I love how quiet it is.  I may be one of the few people that doesn’t think it’s  all that aesthetically pleasing. The physical appearance just doesn’t quite grab me – nor does the physical appearance of the UDS or any of the Babes, although wood is prettier than PVC – but I’m not buying furniture – I’m buying a tool and it is a wonderful tool.

So, here’s my review…. the UDS is adjustable to handle any standard flyer, bobbin lead or flyer lead (haven’t tried double drive – not sure it will work due to the cross in the drive band).  It has a rheostat control that allows me to just set a speed and watch a movie while plying – with my headphones on – the motor is noisy.

I like it for spinning lace weight yarn better than my Polonaise. I’m a pretty fast spinner and even at the highest ratio on my Polonaise, I’m treadling as fast as I can to get enough twist into super fine yarn before I fall asleep (just joking – I’m not THAT fast or that sleep deprived). Teri really gave the design of this machine some thought and it works. It’s not pretty, but if pretty is as pretty does, it’s darn nice looking.

It’s not a relaxing zen sort of experience to spin on an electric spinner for me.  It’s a tool that allows me to spin more yarn to sell more efficiently.  I still need my daily “fix” with my Kromski 🙂


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2 Responses to Pretty is as pretty does..

  1. FarmGirl says:

    Very interesting spinning technology. Selling things sometimes changes one’s relationship to the item. Gotta git ‘er done!

  2. Patrice says:

    I love Dorthy.

    And those contraptions look like a plumber’s folly.
    They’re just way too nonfunctional looking – kinda like my pipes after too many “repairs.”

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