SAFF 2009 – part 2 – the sheep

I didn’t bring anything to show this year. I didn’t have anything left for sale, was pinching pennies and didn’t want to pay for the health certificate, was feeling stressed enough that dealing with the booth and showing sheep seemed abit too much for this year, and wasn’t sure if I could fit two lambs in my van along with the booth items. Macgyver made the trip comfortably tucked behind the driver’s seat, but I wasn’t really comfortable squeezing in another ram that had been breeding – and certainly  not a ewe lamb!  I got out to the barn to get some pictures of the show and I have to say that I was wishing I had brought something to show again this year. Unlike my years of showing Quarter Horses, showing Jacobs is just plain fun, with alot of smiles and giggles…


It was a treat to see Jacob, with his Barking Rock ewe (gorgeous fleece!) …


and his sister, Sarah, again. Sarah was awarded this Karakul ewe  (and another) at MSWF for her essay.


I really loved the look of this pretty ewe, Blue Ewe Sage, owned by Dave and Sally McLaren of Blue Ewe Jacobs in Kentucky. Strong Spahr Farm background – and I do love Spahr Farm ewes. I really prefer four horned, but this girl has a really spectacular horn sweep and  a lovely feminine look that “grabbed me” – not to mention a really nice fleece. I was SO tempted..


This handsome yearling ram really caught my attention. He’s Byland’s Jericho, owned by Ken and Laura Frazier. A very well balanced, primitive ram, with a nice blend of Painted Rock/Perfect Spot/4Horn lines


Laura and Ken also brought two nice ewes, who won first in ewe lambs and yearling ewes, as well as champion and reserve champion Jacob


Perfect Spot Chelsea, bred by booth partner Cathy Robinson was champion Jacob


FarmGirl’s Clara was reserve champion Jacob.  Congratulations Laura!


I’m not sure what Elke of Wellspring Farm was thinking about, but I like the picture 🙂

And then there is this picture. I didn’t have time to focus, but had to grab the picture.


The parents were nearby and all was well, but I sure got a chuckle out of this little boy who had been penned with the sheep.


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5 Responses to SAFF 2009 – part 2 – the sheep

  1. crazysheeplady – hope we see you next year!

    FarmGirl – I got such a giggle from the kid in with the Shetlands. What a great way to keep track of a very active little boy – put him in a big playpen and give him a few sheep to play with 🙂

  2. FarmGirl says:

    I really love your photos and the descriptions! Thanks!

    The folks with the Shetlands and the little kids were so funny. They had chairs set up in the pen with the sheep and the kids would be in with the sheep eating lunch while the sheep ate hay all around them!

  3. What fun! I’m so sad I missed it this year. Would love to have seen all the sheep. Mine seem a lot bigger/too big. Maybe they’re just fat ;-).

  4. We had Walmart do the posters. We were both very happy with them. Costco is about half the price, but neither of us are near a Costco. Cathy had hers laminated at Staples. I’ll do that next time I’m near a Staples.

  5. Wonderful pictures Linda, both part 1 and 2. It’s always fun to see other peoples sheep expecially when they are showing. Who did your poster collages and are you happy with the work they did? I am looking to get one done soon. Thanks for sharing those great shots.

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