SAFF 2009 – part 1 – the fiber

Wow! What a weekend!

We (Cathy from Perfect Spot and I) arrived at the Western NC fairgrounds around 2 on Thursday to set up. In our five years as SAFF vendors, this is the first year that we have returned to the same spot. It sure makes set up easier if you know where you are going to be! The McGough arena is a horse show arena. If you are placed on the rail, you can end up with an interesting curved, pie shaped back wall  and booth – just right for a show arena, but a little awkward for setting up square tables.


Our booth from the front. I don’t know why neither of us noticed that darn plastic bag sticking out from under the table! We had poster collages done to hang on the back wall. They drew alot of attention.


From another direction. Darn! need to get some longer cloths for the table! Shannon’s needle felted bags sold really well.


This llama was very well behaved and I was really impressed  with him/her and the young drivers. But, I got a huge kick out when the llama stopped and looked back at the drivers 🙂 “what next?”


This is from the felted landscape workshop behind our booth. Amazing!! I wish I’d got some pictures from the workshop on the other side. Melissa Gray’s needle felted woodland creatures were really stunning.


I really liked this needle felted picture in one of the booths.

Stay tuned for “SAFF – part 2 – the sheep.”


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2 Responses to SAFF 2009 – part 1 – the fiber

  1. Your posters are very eye catching – fabulous idea! The needle felting is very fun, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. FarmGirl says:

    I thought your booth was fabulous!! You represent the breed so well by featuring both farms and breeding programs and having so many wonderful wool products. Every time I passed by, there was someone in the booth admiring products and/or asking pertinent questions about Jacobs.

    Thanks for putting so much effort into this.

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