Low prices….

Dave and I were talking about Nobel Prize winners today  (who isn’t?) and I went to Google to see a list of previous winners. The right hand side of my monitor screen shows paid ads from various merchants. The one that popped up from Amazon was just too weird…

Nobel Prize at Amazon
Low Prices on Nobel prize
Free 2-Day Shipping w/ Amazon Prime

Wow! what a great Christmas present – a Nobel Prize!! It sure beats:

“Starting at $19.95, Name A Star Live is a wonderful, timeless gift. Everyone loves having a star named after them. It’s a meaningful and symbolic gift – perfect for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, thanks to a client or top employee, or just a fun & touching way to say “you’re special.”

I’m hoping for new Muck Boots for Christmas – or maybe a roll of field fence. But, a Nobel Prize is sure tempting. 😀


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1 Response to Low prices….

  1. Hmmm, decisions, decisions… yeah, I think I’d go for some new muck boots too 😉

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