Favorite Portraits

I was catching up with my favorite blogs today. Joan at Mudranch has some great photos from a trip to Idaho – shot through a truck window, no less! She mentioned thepioneerwoman as the creator of a PS action. I love PS and I love action/actions, so had to take a trip to visit the site. GREAT site with lots of information and inspiration.

I’m abit too lazy to keep up with the Sunday Stills, Wordless Wednesdays, Send your favorite portrait, sort of things. Plus, since neither Dave or I  have a schedule, I sometimes forget what day it is 🙂

But, I’m still inspired by some of the photo challenges and I loved the Favorite Portraits blog entry on The Pioneer Woman site.

This photo started out as a not very sharp photo – taken with a Fuji 2600Z. A very good camera for the time and capable of very sharp photos. My fault that the photo was not razor sharp. Since I liked the mood of the photo, but not the clarity, I poofed it up abit in PS.


Grandson Alex with our jack, Strider. Alex has grown abit since!


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1 Response to Favorite Portraits

  1. mudranch says:

    I’ve been wanting to submit a favorite portrait to PW too but have been busy farming today… Gotta get the sheep stalls cleaned, the barn swept, and the rams moved (they’re already out by the way… just made an appointment at the butcher!) So, I’ve missed the PW assignment again but I like your idea, maybe I’ll just have to do a post instead. 🙂

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