It’s that time again..

I’d planned to put the breeding groups together the middle of October, but the rams have been fighting already, so decided to make everyone happy and put them together this week.  The middle of October seems to be the ‘sweet spot’ for my area if you want the ewes to breed and lamb in a very short period.  With September breedings, I believe we’ll have lambing spread over 4 to 6 weeks, starting the middle of February.

Irregardless of the fact (for those of you that read some of the sheep lists) that I don’t routinely handle my rams or even my ewes,  separating the two adult rams, dividing 20 ewes into three groups, and getting the right groups with right rams was a non stressful event for all of us and I didn’t even need Dave to help 🙂


Patchwork Belvedere has:

Patchwork Macaroon (bred about two minutes after turning her in – the hussy!)
Broken O Melodie
Broken O Ruffles
Hillside Holly
Sweetgrass Heather 2
Pleasant Run Vesta


Unzicker Jedd has:

Patchwork Badger
Patchwork Olivia
Patchwork Martha
Painted Rock Kayleigh
Puddleduck Celine
Patchwork Sasha

The three ram lambs will each get one or two ewes, but I still need to get their paddocks put up.


Patchwork Zevon will be paired with Patchwork Willa Lena and Patchwork Nicollette.
Zevon is in serious need of an attitude adjustment if he’s going to live here long term! I’m thinking of breaking him to plow to work off some of his excess energy.


Patchwork Macgyver with Patchwork Twinky
Macgyver will spend a little time at Perfect Spot and then move on to his new home and new flock.


Patchwork Tango (formerly Jackson) with Hobby Knob Lorena
I seldom use a two horned ram and I wasn’t really planning to do so this year. But, I kept looking at his fleece, his pretty horn sweep, that gorgeous head, and thinking, “why not”.


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4 Responses to It’s that time again..

  1. Sara Brunney says:

    Can’t wait to see the results!!

  2. FarmGirl says:

    I’d love to know the variables that are at work in choosing which ewes go with which rams, other than how closely they are related. It’s all so interesting and exciting!

  3. Thanks for sharing your sheep stories. I would like to keep a couple but for now, I will be a vicarious shepherdess through your site.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much for the pictures of your magnificent boys. We really need to talk fleece when you shear!

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