“I don’t like spiders and snakes

and that’s not what it takes to thrill me .. ”

Okay, when I went to look up the lyrics of this Jim Stafford song  , I found that he said “love me”, not “thrill me”, but  it’s stuck in my mind as thrill me. I’m a Florida native and I’m okay with snakes (and I like spiders 🙂

(If snakes freak you out – don’t read any further.)

But when I went to get hay and saw this coming out of a roll of hay, I was a bit startled – and definitely NOT thrilled, even though this is a not a venomous snake.


A few years back, Dave was working on a cabin that was so far back off the beaten trail that they were working with generators – no electricity, no plumbing.  On a break out back, one of the carpenters came upon an unusual sight. The owner got pictures and was kind enough to send me a few.


This is a black snake swallowing a copperhead. The snakes were nearly equal in length and Dave tells me the process took all day.  I love my black snakes!!! I think this snake is more properly called a rat snake.  Whatever you call them, I am happy to see them around. Especially after Maggie, my Great Dane, and a ram lamb both suffered copperhead bites a few years back.  I rushed Maggie to the vet, only to find out that the vets don’t consider copperhead bites to be much of an emergency. The receptionist said “yep, looks like a snake bite” and I waited an hour for the vet. The vet says it’s right up there with a wasp sting – and maybe not as bad as a Japanese Hornet sting.  Maggie was treated with an antibiotic and benadryl.  The ram lamb recovered with a couple of doses of benadryl. Still – I’m not excited to see copperheads around and we’ve killed three this year that were in our space. Rattlesnakes have a different toxin than copperheads, by the way, so just benadryl isn’t going to work.

This rat snake was getting really tired of me chasing him/her around with my camera!



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2 Responses to “I don’t like spiders and snakes

  1. I’m glad I live in a part of the Rockies were there are NO poisonous snakes. If I lived there, I would be investing in black snakes for sure.

  2. FarmGirl says:

    Every time I dig in my hay bales, I hold my breath! I’ve killed one copperhead up here in 8 years and that’s enough for me. I pick up black and rat snakes and carry them away simply because they get into my chickens’ nest boxes and/or eat my biddies.

    People ’round here have always said that black/rat snakes keep copperheads away, but I’d decided I didn’t believe them. Now, I’m swayed back to being a believer! Thanks for the shots!

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