Them’s the breaks…

a colloquial term for “that’s the way the cookie crumbles”, “s… happens” or, in today’s case, a more literal term…..


handsome Patchwork Belvedere posed nicely for me just last week. We’ve had a cool summer and the rams have been working on their hierarchy for close to a month.

This is what greeted me this morning…


The lateral was flopping as he walked, so there was not much to do besides take it off. Fourteen years ago, I had an 8 month old ram lamb that had knocked a lateral loose. He’s already been submitted for JSBA registration so I did have pictures with good horns.  I taped it (much like a splint) and it did heal firmly attached, but at a droopy angle as it had slipped a bit while healing. Belvedere’s broken lateral was pressing against his ear. Even if it had managed to heal, I felt it would have been a problem.  He’s a pretty placid fellow, so it was a minor deal (physically, but I sure cringed at what I was doing) to catch him and twist off the lateral. The core had also been broken and I don’t see that there is any possibility of regrowth.


The new alpha ram, Jedd, can’t hide the evidence…


It doesn’t show as much in Belvedere’s picture, but you can see Jedd’s “ram bump” on his nose.  This is not a roman nose and Jacob rams do not exhibit the swelling except during breeding season. It’s caused by hormones and is a sure sign that it’s breeding season, whether the shepherd is ready or not.  I’ll be working to set up breeding paddocks tomorrow – a little earlier than I’d planned.

It goes without saying that “rams are rams”. I find the definitions of ram interesting. “any of various devices for battering, crushing, driving, or forcing something, esp. a battering ram.” “to drive or force by heavy blows. to strike with great force; dash violently against”

The definitions of bull are gentle in comparison.

I’m doing something a little different this year with my ram lambs. I have three that I really like and want to see what they will produce, but don’t really have the room for five breeding groups. I’m going to put up small pens with one ram lamb and one ewe in each. One ram lamb will go to a new home the end of October.


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4 Responses to Them’s the breaks…

  1. Rob S. says:

    Ouch! Same thing happend to our Ram this summer. Same horn too. Our boy had a fight with a gate.

    Belve is still a pretty boy.


  2. Gosh, sorry to see that. Poor guy, that had to hurt. He’s still good looking though. Sure glad I didn’t have to twist off that horn. Ugh…

  3. Patrice says:

    Ouch. That brings back some bad and bloody memories…

    I wonder if his head feels all lopsided or lightheaded now – kinda like when I cut all my hair off?

    Probably hurts too much for him to notice…

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