Look What Martha Did!… With A Little

help from Sharon :-).

Patchwork Martha, the daughter of Craft’s Ruby’s Belle and Yakob-Tson Zeppo, has produced some great lambs for us and others.  She’s a primitive girl with an independent nature.


She also has a lovely demi luster fleece. For the last few years, her fleece has been purchased by Sharon Grist, who is the resident weaver, natural dyer, and spinner at Foxfire . I quit selling fleeces a few years ago, except for Martha’s fleece to Sharon.  Sharon excels at everything she does – weaving, spinning, dyeing, and knitting.  Since I can’t knit worth a darn, it’s her knitting that really blows me away. I love to see what she’s going to produce with Martha’s fleece. I can’t knit, but I can raise a nice ewe 🙂


Sharon, wearing a sweater she knitted, with her “Martha” afghan.


Each block is gently shaded. Sharon spun a precise amount of colors A, B, and C, wound the bobbin into a center pull ball and plied from the ball, giving her a two ply yarn that shaded from light to dark.

Martha, with a little help from Sharon, did a great job 🙂

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4 Responses to Look What Martha Did!… With A Little

  1. Katrina o Lefever says:

    That afghan is one of my fav jacob products ever! (outside of the blanket you made me of course! 🙂 Gorgeous.

  2. Wow – that is amazing! She is a very talented lady. I love seeing what people produce from the fleeces they buy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jennifer says:

    That is a true work of art! Sharon has done a tremendous job, with Martha’s help, of course. I enjoyed the pictures of Sam. He looked like he was pretty upset about that camera. I hope he would look as menacing if you were a coyote!

  4. mudranch says:

    Beautiful afghan! O my goodness, that is stunning! 🙂

    Linda, I’ve left you an award at my blog (and also the title of the Scott Kelby book I like). 😉

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