The shoemaker’s children..

go barefoot. And the carpenter’s wife has curtains instead of cabinet doors…


Or did until this week.  The builders in this area are being hard hit by the economy and work is scarce for carpenters.  Well, paying work may be scarce, but there is plenty of work here at Patchwork for a carpenter. Dave may  not be getting paid, but he is working.

Last week, Dave put a floor in what used to be my rabbit barn. It’s now my wool sorting area. Siding will be added at some point, but for now, it’s wonderful to have a dedicated space for sorting and drying wool.  And I imagine Dave is happy that I’m not sorting wool in the living room anymore.

This week began a project that it just as exciting – Kitchen Cabinets!!. I suppose if I were a proper housewife, I would say more exciting 🙂



(really, this is straight – just couldn’t get the right angle to show that in the picture!)

He’s halfway through the kitchen cabinets and will start on the other side soon. I still have to make some design decisions for that side. The doors will be stained lightly darker than they are now and Dave has made some neat wooden handles and pulls.

Gosh, it looks so nice, I think I’ll stay here! No kidding .. I am NEVER going to move again 🙂


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4 Responses to The shoemaker’s children..

  1. Patrice says:

    Fabulous. I knew a man was good for something… (snigger)

    Dave did a beautiful job on those doors – as he always does. One of my regrets in this life is that I couldn’t have a house built by Dave Bjarkman. Yours is the best and most well-built home of any I’ve seen.

    See you Thursday…

  2. Isn’t that the truth! My husband is an electrician and I had to wait 3 years to have a light switch in the barn. Our barn is 300′ long and I had to walk halfway down and flip a switch in the breaker box to turn the lights on. Your cabinets are gorgeous and how exciting to have a dedicated area for your wool.

  3. “It has been challenging having him around ALL THE TIME, though.”

    I hear ya 😀

  4. FarmGirl says:

    Beautiful woodwork and wood! What a craftsman Dave is!

    My hubby was laid off back in April. It’s A-mazing what’s been done around here!! Our garden is 5 times more fabulous than in previous years. It has been challenging having him around ALL THE TIME, though.

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