The Tale of a Dog~~~

~~~~~ or, A Dog’s Tail

I love this guy


His name is Sam Colt and he is one of my neighbor’s LGDs. Unlike Bandit (aka “The Oaf”), Sam is not a people dog.  He has to be cornered in a stall to be caught. He is not aggressive towards people – just not interested. His job is to protect his goats, not to be your friend. He will sometimes accidentally brush against me when I feed him, but is not one to come up for a scratch.

Perhaps because my dogs tend to have skinny snake tails, or in Dobie’s case, a bob tail, I find Sam’s Great Pyrenees tail fascinating. It’s so expressive.

On high alert…


I’m watching you..


Don’t take my picture! (Sam does not like the sound of gun fire and, for some reason, he seems to associate me pointing a camera at him with guns. He always barks at me when I have my camera.


Having a chat with Stinky the buck


EGADS! What is that smell!!!!


This is the first time in awhile that I have fed for my neighbor during breeding season.  I have tried to, but have not been able to, forget the smell of a buck. Stinky (not his real name) stinks!  Years ago, one of Jennifer’s bucks needed a shot while I was feeding for her. No problem – he was a gentle guy. I did have to hold him against the fence with my knee.  Not realizing at that time just how smelly bucks were, I went from feeding to the grocery store.  In the closed environment of my car I got a good whiff, but wasn’t sure what the smell was. I stopped and checked all the fluids in my car – continued to the grocery store, bought groceries, stood in line to check out, smelled something bad – wondered what it was, noticed the funny look the cashier gave me, got home and realized….the smell was on my clothes from touching the buck!


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4 Responses to The Tale of a Dog~~~

  1. Beautiful dog! And love the stinky photo ;-). Too funny!

  2. Patrice says:

    And there’s the reminder of why I don’t miss having goats!

    The pyr is quite handsome – and yes, their tails are so curly and “emotional”. Claire’s curls tight to her body as she runs off another vulture (while it’s still 500 feet up in the air).

    How ’bout lunch next week?

  3. Gil says:

    What beautiful pictures. This last Spring we adopted a Great Pyrenees from a family in Middle Georgia who had no idea of just how big one of these can get! His name is Trip and he has lived with us in Roswell ever since. But we would love to find him a good home in a cooler spot than the suburbs of Atlanta. He is neutered, all shots and is just beautiful. He is very people-friendly, loves to be outdoors or at your feet for a scratch. If you are interested, please email me.

  4. FarmGirl says:

    Great story and wonderful photos!!

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