Selling Sheep Online … Too Techie?

I started this post a year ago. I’d started a hummingbird post this morning, but decided to curtail that for awhile – little flying  rats  – but beautiful 🙂 and went back to see what drafts I might have in the wings.

I just love how the internet has opened windows to Jacob flocks all across the country.  I would never have thought to request sale lists from as many breeders as now have sale lists online. I do research bloodlines and backgrounds, but also want sheep that  “grab” me, so I can’t always explain just what I’m looking for when requesting photos. I’m looking for more than bloodlines. A breeder’s website with all the flock pictured gives me a chance to zoom onto the sheep that I am interested in, as well as giving me a more complete look at the flock. Back in the old days, we waited for photos to arrive in the mail.  And then we asked for more pictures and waited for those to arrive.

I want to take my time when considering flock additions. I want to ponder each picture – maybe run to to do some research on the background. It’s useful to see just what the sisters/brothers/cousins/uncles/aunts produced. I like best the websites that picture ALL the breeder’s flock and a hyperlink to the pedigrees. Second best are websites that include picture pedigrees on the sale sheep.

I’m a geekie sort and I do enjoy the technology that can put up a slide show of sheep pictures with fancy fade ins/fade outs.  Music? no, I’ve never enjoyed sound tracks on websites. We may have the same taste in sheep, but we don’t always have the same taste in music – and I want to focus on what’s important to me – the sheep. Flashy intros just take up more time that I care to spend. I like the “skip intro” feature alot!

As Sgt Joe Friday said “All we want are the facts.” 🙂


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3 Responses to Selling Sheep Online … Too Techie?

  1. I’m with you on the music!

  2. Yep, me 2. And the more pictures the better, you can never have to many.

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