Really Cool Pictures…

A big thank you to Marie Roenke from Trumansburg, NY for allowing me to post this picture. Check out Marie’s flock at

I saw this picture on Marie’s website and it immediately caught my eye. It’s one of my favorite sheep photos ever! Marie was kind enough to allow me to share….


I got this one via email this week from daughter, Alina….

The new horse, Shawnee, and son-in-law, Greg, share a horse laugh about something 😀 I can’t help but wonder what in the world they’re talking about.


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2 Responses to Really Cool Pictures…

  1. It’s straight out of her camera – just one of those “right time – right place” captures 🙂

  2. mudranch says:

    The one of the Jacob lambs is really weird! Did she “help” the photo out in PS or did it just end up looking like that (so real?)

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