The house that Dave built~~~~~

Dave’s working at home this week – building a door in his shop for the log cabin he just worked to reassemble (and add to). He wanted to go check some measurements and I rode along. I wanted to see the cabin and take some pictures – and he told me there would be horses there. I don’t want another horse and I’m not going to get another horse, but horses will always be my favorite photographic subjects.



The log portion of this cabin is a reassembled smoke house from the owner’s grandparents’ place in Tennessee. The logs were moved from TN and have been stored here in GA for years – as logs. Reassembling is much like legos, except that each log has its special space – positions are not interchangeable. Logs are marked upon disassembly. Dave’s boss does the chinking, as did his father, in the traditional way.  Dave worked for years as  a boat carpenter and his special talent is working with things that aren’t quite square and making them look right. If you can visualize a boat on blocks (out of the water), you will notice that a boat curves from top to bottom (keel to deck) and also from front to back (bow to stern).  A wall (bulkhead) in a boat not only requires a scribed cut from top to bottom, but also along the longitudial axis.  Adding a porch, loft and hip roof on a handmade log cabin and making it look right is a talent that few have. I’m proud of him!


Here’s my favorite house that Dave built (and I helped!)


That speck on the porch roof is Dorothy. It’s time for her vet appointment and she doesn’t want to go.  I rescheduled 🙂

I had fun photographing the horses.



This pretty mare is laughing. The horses are in the area where the carpenters worked and Dave tells me this girl likes to bite his truck – there are tooth marks on his door to prove it!




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5 Responses to The house that Dave built~~~~~

  1. FarmGirl says:

    It seems to me that Jacobs tend to be built like horses and move like horses! I raised quarters and thoroughbreds, rode dressage at the end of my career and Jacobs seem to have the suspension of a good moving dressage horse. I like this cuz I can’t have horses any more and horses don’t make wool! :-). Photos are lovely!

    Reply from Linda:
    I’ve always thought that Martha would have been a wonderful Hackney pony. She has that ‘strut’ 🙂

  2. You know your boat terms very well. My husband could probably talk with yours forever on the subject of boats, especially wooden ones. All those horses are very handsome and your photos are great. The cabin is something to cherish having a history and all the talent and care that went into it. I wish I had it on my property.

  3. mudranch says:

    Amazing houses — Dave is quite the handy man!

    Great horse photos — LOVE the one of the mare snickering. That is funny!

  4. Nice work – both of you. The cabin is beautiful and your horse shots are framed so well and caught at the perfect second.

  5. I would be proud of him too – very impressive!

    I love the face markings on the paint and that mare has quite the personality 🙂

    How do cats know when it is time to go to the vet? I had to reschedule for mine last week. I couldn’t find them anywhere!

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