Goodbye, Old Friend….


As much as I’ve been enjoying my dslr, it was still a little sad to pack up my old friend, the Panasonic FZ28, for a trip to its new home.  I recommend this camera to anyone wanting a great small camera. Zoom goes to 486mm (35mm equivilant) which really makes it fun. Bye, Panny.

HELLO, OLD FRIEND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not old, but a long time friend 🙂


I met Patrice over a decade ago when I purchased my first Jacob ram from her.  I called him Maximilian, as I thought he was the greatest. Dave called him Maxwell Edison, after Maxwell’s Silver Hammer on the Beatles Abbey Road Album.

“Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer
Came down upon her head.
Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead.”

Max ended up living up to his Maxwell Edison name and was later called Mad Max and eventually was known as Sausage.

If Max did not endure, my friendship with Patrice did.  When I met Patrice, she told me she was an artist, which I thought probably meant she did some painting and worked at a “real” job to support her art “hobby”. Like being an actress while working as a waitress.   Patrice, rather shyly, told me that no, she made her living as a painter. Over the years, I have been wowed by her talent over and over again.  Some of her work can be seen at:

We met up at last week for a lunch date. The Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts is located in Tallulah Falls, next to the Gorge. The work displayed is a eclectic mix of talents, subjects, mediums, and styles.





I LOVE this hat!


This is my favorite Patrice Lynne Young painting…. (and it’s mine – a Christmas gift!!)


Small Meadows Groucho as a lamb. Craft’s Hershey to the left, Craft’s Lorelei and Craft’s Praline in the background.



We’ve been having fun wandering the neighborhood.

I love this handsome boy, who lives down the road from me…..




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3 Responses to Goodbye, Old Friend….

  1. Alina says:

    OH, I may have to consign Patrice to do a horse painting of my horses!! I visited her site – lovely paintings.
    I wish I could get you to take pictures of my horses!! I guess I’ll have to take them down there.

  2. Patrice says:

    Bad girl/good friend… Linda is the best photographer I know – but you can see I was trying to get out of camera range… ha ha…

    My six horses need riding – and it’ll likely be Linda who spends the most time in the saddle. I miss my Jacobs, but I get to visit hers, so it’s a good trade: I get to assuage my shepherding desires, and Linda can get a horse fix without having her new grass eaten too fast!

  3. mudranch says:

    Neat post — excellent artist — cool camera! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your exciting-ness. I LOVE the painting of the Jacob lamb! And the painting of the horse as well.

    Patrice painted the horse, too. She doesn’t have Jacob Sheep anymore on her farm, but does have six horses!

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