I’m Broken!

My name is Macgyver and I was just hanging around looking pretty….


when Shepherd comes by and says  “time to get halter broken”. I don’t know what a halter is, but I know what broken is and it does not sound good!…

I soon learn what a halter is. I don’t like it.



This is no fun … what would Macgyver do?


Disguise myself as a Fainting Goat? That worked until Shepherd put a hay string under my tail.  I guess Macgyer would…..


Give up and get broken. I wonder if I will get fixed now? Shepherd says “no” she’s not going to fix me. Does that mean I will stay broken?

Shepherd’s note:

Still abit of work to go for Macgyver to be completely broken 🙂

I don’t like the slip halters for halter breaking.  I’ve been using this halter to pull hay down the hill and it was handy when I got the urge to halter break the ram lambs. I like the goat/llama halters that buckle and cross under the chin, as they don’t tighten up around the eyes like the slip halters do. I also prefer to halter break them “horse style”, working with them individually with me on the other end of the rope rather than tie them to a fence and let them work it out. One reason is that I worry about them injuring themselves and another is that I want the rams to have respect for me, as well as for the halter.

The lambs that lay down are the most frustrating ones for me to work with. It was almost fun to move on to Zevon, who jumped and ran and turned in circles. There are no pictures of Zevon getting “broken”, as it’s abit harder to hold a camera in one hand and the lead in the other with all that running around.


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5 Responses to I’m Broken!

  1. FarmGirl says:

    Funny! Catching my little ewe lamb, Clara, is the hardest part. Like chasing down a deer.

  2. mudranch says:

    Funny post Linda — good luck with all that Macgyver!

  3. Patrice says:

    Don’t break him!! He’s too handsome to end up in pieces… (heh)

  4. Funny post. Nice fainting goat :-). I have to say his fleece looks sooooooooo soft. And I agree that the goat halters work well for halter BREAKING lambs.

  5. Poor Macgyver… I agree that the ones that lie down are the hardest to work with. He is looking very nice. How is Zevon maturing?

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