Pandora’s box

has been opened and temptation has leapt with a smirk onto my lap – wait, that was Dobie with the smirk….


ME? I’m not smirking *giggle* *giggle*


My Mom was a commercial photographer and my Dad was/is an enthusiast. In 1966, Dad sent me  the revolutionary (at that time) Minolta SRT 101 from Japan where he was working as a communications engineer for NATO. Mom’s cameras were large format commercial cameras. The “tiny” SRT was more my style 🙂 I went from the Minolta to Nikons – and to an ever larger camera bag (I’m a zoom freak).

I love the portability of the prosumer digital cameras. I don’t care for fully automatic shooting and all my digicams have included manual modes, which is what I always use. I don’t want to change lens. I don’t want to carry extra lenses. I don’t want the weight of an dslr. I don’t want to spend the money.  I love my Panasonic FZ28 with its 18X optical zoom.  Loved the FZ20 and the Fuji S602Z. Don’t need a dslr! But, I did wonder if I just might want one.

Since I saved SO much money by not attending AGM this year or buying another ram, I decided to find an older dslr on eBay for cheap just  to put to rest my tinglings for a dslr.  I found a Canon 300D on eBay – the original Canon Rebel , which was the first dslr for under $1000 and is considered the first dslr for the “common people” back in 2003 when it was introduced. A whooping 6.3 mp. I chose the Canon because I have some old Canon lenses and thought they might work.  I bought a Canon 35mm from a pawn shop a few years back as it came with an incredible selection of filters to fit my FZ20. I sold all the lens except for the wide angle – don’t really know why I kept that one, as I never shoot wide angle 🙂 and have never used a Canon. As it turns out, the old lens is FD and the Canon digitals take EF or EF-S, so the lens won’t fit.

First thought out of the box is that I love the weight of it. It’s heavier than the newer Canons, but near the weight of my old 35mm cameras.

Second thought – I’ve fallen into Pandora’s box and there is no way out.

Third/etc thoughts – I don’t like not having spot metering. In looking over the specs on the affordable Canons, it looks like I’d have to go to the Canon 450D or 30D to get spot metering.
An 18-55 lenses just doesn’t do it for me.  My favorite 35mm camera lens was a 70-200 with macro.  I just ordered a 75-300 Canon lens. The 55-250 image stabilized lens was higher rated (and more expensive), but I’m still deciding what I want to do.
The noise on a dslr is almost non existent compared to a p/s due to a larger sensor. Pictures at 800 iso on this camera are surprisingly noise free.
Even this dinosaur of a camera is faster than a prosumer.

I’d love to hear thoughts/experiences/comments on your favorite dslrs – maybe even a blog entry? Especially from two of my favorite photographers – with her Canons and with her Nikons.

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6 Responses to Pandora’s box

  1. Reply to mudranch’s comment : He likes the sheep because if you don’t like them — you can put them in the freezer!

    Dave tells me that if we ever get such nice sheep that I won’t put any in the freezer, we’re going to have to start something else 🙂 Luckily ??, we’re still getting plenty to stock the freezer.

  2. mudranch says:

    Aww, thanks Linda! I love my Nikon but I’ve heard and read that there really isn’t much of a difference between them and the Canon. Congratulations on your new DSLR! It is addicting… and no, they don’t eat hay! I think that’s why my husband supports my camera more than my horses. 😉 He likes the sheep because if you don’t like them — you can put them in the freezer!

  3. I’m reminded of when I bought my first Jacob for my spinner’s flock and the number of times that I swore that I had no interest in raising registered sheep and would keep my ewe flock limited to six! I just keep saying “cameras don’t eat hay.”

  4. I have the 30D and love it. You can see the pictures I took with it and my 75-300 lens this weekend at a race meet on my blog. There are so many choices out there and you are right that you can’t really take a peek into the box.

    I wish I had started photography with a 35mm because I would have a much better understanding of ISO, aperature, metering, etc. I have muddled my way through the terminology and can take pictures, but I have a hard time discussing the details with people that learned with a 35mm. I’m sure you are going to have a blast with the dslr. Dobie is adorable 🙂

  5. I have no opinions. Just have my humble little Canon Powershot SX110 IS. It suits me fine. Your post reminded me of the slippery slope and addictions that can happen once one moves into those professional cameras. Scary stuff. My wallet is running away screaming. lol!

    Your photo of your dog is so cute. Mud Ranch is one of my favorite photo blogs, too.

    And awww, thanks for stopping by with your kind kudos on my Sunday Stills post. That means a lot to me. I do enjoy Sunday Stills Challenges.
    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend,


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