A Day Off

My shoulder has been killing me for the last week or so. I keep meaning to rest it, but somehow that doesn’t work out if I hang around home. Carding wool with my electric drum carder is a good way to rest it (I’m catching up on fleece challenge – Celine’s is almost finished), but picking up a 50 lb carder to lay it over so I could clean in front of the motor wasn’t all that restful.

Driving doesn’t bother my shoulder ….Road Trip! Well, very short road trip – just 50 miles up the road to Perry’s Water Gardens It’s not yet prime water lily season, but it was a nice drive and some of the earlier varieties were blooming.

I love the look of these clouds – they look like cloud mountains.


The gardens are a group of small ponds with mowed walkways. Ben served as my tour guide.


There were water lilies (natch!)





And irisis


and ducks (these are Swedish Blues – aren’t they pretty!)


And guess what  I found in the barn!!!



Jacob Sheep!! Three pretty ewes! And they look familiar….why, it’s  Jacquee’s Rosemary, Patchwork Saluda, and Patchwork Anabelle. Hi girls!!


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2 Responses to A Day Off

  1. Those clouds are fabulous! The lilly pads are really pretty and your girls look happy.

  2. What a great trip and the clouds are amazing! I’ve enjoyed catching back up with your blog – always a favorite.

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