Wascally Wabbit….. er..




Doesn’t she look like a rabbit? It amazes me that she can hold her ears so erect.

I’m not a goat person (my Jacobs are NOT goat-like), although I got to admit that I’ve never understood terms like “goat person” “cat person”. The first time I heard that, someone squealed “oh, you are a cat person” when she spied old Sam Thomas.  Cat Person? Like in the Catwoman movie? Quick check to see if my tail is showing.

I’ve had Nubians. They are attractive goats – coming in lots of fun colors, are excellent milkers, extremely loud, hyperactive, and perhaps two steps below stupid. Dave told me if I got rid of my Nubians I could have all the sheep I wanted. Very little time went into making the decision to sell my goats.

But, I have to admit that I like my neighbor’s Saanans. I watch after them when she’s away. They have lovely soft voices and are calm and gentle.  You’d think that the lack of any color would make them boring, but they have their own beauty.


Good old Bandit, AKA The Oaf, is the Pyr/Anatolian boy that managed to drag me down the hill by my ankle. He’s still smiling about it 🙂 while he guards his does.


Sam takes his guarding duties very seriously and does not welcome human attention.



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One Response to Wascally Wabbit….. er..

  1. Christy O says:

    Oops, did you hear me call the jacobs goat like? Have you been talking to Wanda? Sorry. I am a goat person for sure. I adore my goats. And my jacob, Sweet Pea reminds me of a goat. My other 2 sheep are definitely sheep.

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