The Best Present I Ever Gave…….

Five or so years ago, Dave made an idle comment that a small electric welder would be handy to have around. Being completely challenged in the knack of finding just the right gift and always grateful for hints, I filed that away until his next birthday when I presented him with an electric welder that didn’t work! Happily, Lowe’s was good about exchanging it for one that did work and Dave started sticking pieces of metal together with a mad enthusiasm.  He’s an excellent carpenter, so it was not surprising when he became to fabricate things – a boat trailer, a baffle for one of the wood stoves, a sheep carrier, and…….


Not the cat :-), but the metal harness behind it. I love it!! 6 years ago, I purchased a 48″ Macomber on eBay. It was advertised as 4 harness and it did have 4 harnesses and a bonus…


The lifting mechanisms (those metal thingys with chains on them), minus only the harness frames for four more harness. This weekendDave tried his hand at duplicating the harness frames.  The result was a perfectly balanced harness frame for a grand total of $7, instead of the $75 plus shipping to buy them new.
I’m ecstatic!  I have a Baby Mac 8 harness loom and I wanted to restore the Big Mac to it’s original 8 harness state ever since I got it.  Macomber is still in business and still making looms. I called them with the serial number and found that my loom was sold in September 1971 to Pensacola Junior College in Pensacola, Florida. The eBay seller purchased the loom in an auction lot when the school sold off a number of their looms over 30 years later when they phased out their weaving program.  I wonder how many students learned to weave on my old beauty?

Buying Dave a welder worked so well, I wonder what I should get him next? I’m thinking a set of nice cooking pans in the hope that he will be inspired to take over the cooking 🙂 or perhaps a fancy new clothes washer. He just bought me a new lawn mower 🙂

Finished carding Nicollette’s fleece today – 2 lbs 4 ounce of spinning quality batts.  Her fleece is very consistent from front to back with only a few ounces of coarse britch pulled out for rugs.  I was four days over my one week/one fleece challenge 😦  But, it was a busy week.


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4 Responses to The Best Present I Ever Gave…….

  1. It’s a Lincoln Pro Core 100. It was the smallest that would work on livestock panels. Not the cheapest one, but pretty close. It’s been a real bargain for us.

    Everything is set for Abraham to head west!

    A little of both on the batts. I’m spinning Holly’s now. It’s so pretty 🙂

  2. I love those kind of presents 🙂 What welder is it? Tony borrows one as he needs it, but it would be a really good gift for him!

    You can blame me for not getting your fleece finished 🙂 I added a little to your ‘to do’ list!

    Are you going to sell your batts or spin them or a little of both?

  3. Hello Fellow fiberist, you left a question about what a No-Sew-Toe is?

    This is one of my resurrected methods for making socks on a sock machine by starting with the toe. After the toe is shaped you then hang the inside of the toe to the other side of the cylinder. From there the sock progresses to the foot, the heel, ankle and cuff or hem. It is part of a whole sock method that had no hand work needed after the sock is off the machine. I have a High Def DVD of this N0-Sew-Sock that we are making this week and should be available by June 1st.

    Your Jacob Ram is quite hansome, I have a friend named Louise Martine that raises Jacobs as well as Cotswold. Life is richer by far when your life is filled with fiber!

    Candy the Colorado Cranker

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