Friday (un)finished – Week three

Well, I didn’t make my goal of one fleece/one week this week. I did finish carding 1 lb 9 ounces of Nicollette’s fleece, but 12 ounces still awaits my attention.

In my defense, I had to go the dentist this week in another town. Any trip to another town means a search through the local thrift stores. And since I was really good at the dentist (it was just a consult), I decided I’d rather have Chinese buffet than the traditional lollipop – not that one was offered! So, that was most of a day.

And I need to finish a commemorative “Jane” rug by Saturday. Jane is Yakob-tson Lady Jane, bred by Edd Bissell and owned by Cathy Robinson of Perfect Spot Farm in North Carolina. Jane is near 24 years old, documented by early pictures! The oldest sheep, per Guiness World Records is listed as “Lucky” (well, I guess so!), who turned 23 in April.


Jane’s fleece is soft and quite lovely – just like this wonderful old girl.

I weave my fleece rugs on a 60″ Leclerc Gobelin vertical tapesty loom. I tried to get a picture of the loom, but it’s tough to get back far enough to take pictures in my fiber “studio” (I’m not an artist – I call it my “fiber room”). My 16′ x 14′ fiber room is home to the Gobelin, a 24″ Macomber, a 48″ Macomber, a table with a flat bed knitting machine and a circular sock knitting machine, a Supercard on a kitchen cart, a picker and sewing machine take turns being on the sewing table. Not to mention more fiber related books than one person could ever read (I’m trying!) and a rather jumbled assorted of “stuff” (yarn, fleece, stuff).Β  I’m best with small spaces that require me to get organized and to cull my stuff down to the best. Hmm…kinda like keeping a small flock of sheep πŸ™‚

Not related to sheep or fiber (although I think walnuts are high in the “other fiber”), here’s my new favorite recipe. I made it up and I’m not sure if it’s pesto or paste, but it’s good for a easy lunch.
Get out the food processor – toss in a couple of sun dried tomatoes in oil, a sliver of garlic (if you like garlic), whatever fresh herb that you like (I like cilantro), a slice of fresh or fresh frozen hot pepper, a handful of nuts (walnuts are good – I think cashews would be good, too, but I always end up eating all the cashews on the way home from the grocery store). Add some grated cheese – whatever kind you like. Add capers if you like capers. Process until chopped up. Add olive oil until creamy, pasty, pesto-y.Β  Toast half of a ciabatta roll (or any roll that has air holes in it). Spread with the paste. If you are lazy, like I am at lunch, pop it in the microwave on the pizza setting.Β  Or broil it if you have the time and inclination.
I guess I’m getting hungry (dinner is cooking, honest), as here’s another food tip. Our grocery store has a salad bar for $4.99/lb, which includes spring greens. I love spring greens in a salad, but $3.99 for four ounces is pretty high and I don’t always finish four ounces before it gets old. Two ounces, which is just about right, is 63 cents at the salad bar.


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3 Responses to Friday (un)finished – Week three

  1. I don’t think Cathy is going to submit her, but it’s still neat.

    I’m going to Cathy’s this weekend – I’ll ask for a photo of the Lady Jane.

  2. Mud Ranch says:

    Nice post — will you post pics of Jane? It’s amazing she is so old and what a good idea to make a rug out of her fleece! πŸ˜€

    I like your new layout too… Much more “light hearted.” πŸ˜‰

  3. So, is Jane going to be the new record?

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