Friday Finishes – Week 2

Belvedere (a lilac Jacob Sheep) – washed and carded into batts – coming in at just under 2 pounds (3 ounces pictured)


Although the Supercard puts out a spinable (spinnable?) product in one pass, I prefer a second pass through the carder. When all the fleeces are carded, I’ll sort then into groups of similar “handle”. These will be blended together in the second pass. Some different colors will be layered during the second pass, producing stripes of color in the finished batt. Some batts will be “dizzed” off the carder, producing a long run of roving.

2 down and 20 fleeces to go!

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4 Responses to Friday Finishes – Week 2

  1. Patrice says:


    You are a bizzy lady! I’m so impressed by you how much you do AND how well you have written and documented your lovely work. These last few posts contain some of the best photography of fiber I’ve ever seen. YOU are the one who should be writing a book!! (heh)

    I’m done with the census job and looking for work (sigh)… be in touch.

  2. The batts pictured are about an ounce (that’s not the whole two pounds 🙂 ) When I do the final card prior to sale, I’ll pack on two ounces. That’s about the most I can easily get on the Supercard.

  3. Great job! What size are your batts?

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