Sunday Socks….

I didn’t make these today, but it is Sunday 🙂 And I did make them this week on my friend, the Legare 400.

One thing that’s really fun about the csm is playing around with color and fibers and getting to see the results right away. I used to weave scarves with little bits of dyeing experiments. But, honestly, how many scarves can I wear? I hardly ever wear scarves and everyone I know has received at least one hand made scarf from me. Socks! though, that’s a different story. I wear socks every day. My feet are always cold, so I also wear socks to bed. And I hate wet socks, so I change my socks alot when it’s rainy.  If it’s super cold, I wear two pairs at once. The only limiting factor for how many socks I can have is the size of my sock drawer. What the heck! we don’t need all those pillow cases – toss ’em and I can put socks there. Okay, I’m getting carried away. I am Linda and I’m a sock addict.

This particular pair of socks is three strands of a super fine wool/nylon yarn. Each strand was dip dyed in the same colors, but different lengths and overlaps in the second dips. When twisted together the effect is more subtle (more “heathery”) than dip dyeing one strand.


My second pair of handspun socks. These are for our hay supplier, Russ, and I can blame him for the csm! When Russ told Dave his feet got cold, Dave jumped in and said “Linda will make you a pair from our sheep wool.”  I can’t knit worth a darn, but had been lusting after a csm for a couple of years while lurking on yahoo and ravelry csm groups.  When the perfect one showed up on ravelry at just that time, how could I resist? 🙂  The machine knew how to knit when I got it, but it took me a little longer to learn how to use it, so I hope that Russ’s feet are still cold in April.


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One Response to Sunday Socks….

  1. Alina says:

    I’ll take a pair that won’t fit in the drawers! I already have a scarf.

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