I am a klutz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

wikipedia says: A klutz is a person who is clumsy, foolish, inept, or accident-prone. The term is perhaps derived from the Yiddish קלאָץ klots (‘wooden beam’), cognate with the German Klotz, meaning a “block” or “lump”. The British slang, pillock and the Australian slang, galah are used with similar meaning, particularly in terms of being foolish and inept.

and I am a bumpkin about which wikipedia says:
is a derogatory term referring to the stereotype of unsophisticated country people. In the United States, it is used to describe someone from the rural South or Midwest. Synonyms for yokel include bumpkin, hayseed and hick.

I’m a born and bred southerner – great great granddaughter of a man that sailed from Savannah, Georgia as a teenager to a remote (at that time!) part of Florida and decided to settle there.  He would cry to see it now.

This is bahia grass, which I grew up calling bumpkin weed. Why? Because it was a joke to convince people that if they put the stem of the grass between their lips they could do a great whistle. Once they had the stem firmly seated between their lips, the prankster would pull the grass quickly and leave a coating of black across the lips of the “bumpkin”.  I only fell for it twenty or thirty times 🙂


Today bumpkin/klutz person met bumpkin/klutz dog. I’m feeding livestock this week for a neighbor. One Great Pryrenees/Anatolian cross has a habit of climbing fences and wandering off.  He is currently chained to a ~30 lb weight with a long and very heavy chain – heavier than you’d need as an anchor chain on a 60′ sailboat. He’s a happy boy and loves to bounce/bounce/bounce.  Today he was in an awkward position (as he often is with the chain on). As I picked up the weight to extradite him, he got so excited – and “bumpkiny” “klutzy”, he wrapped the chain around my right ankle, flipped me on my butt, and dragged me a few feet down the hill by my foot. He was so happy that I was “playing” with him. He’s not leash trained and it took a little time to convince him that it was not as much for me as it was for him!


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One Response to I am a klutz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. Patrice says:

    Uh… that sounds more like no good deed going unpunished than klutziness…

    Those Pyrs can really get to one. Mine are already digging giant pits for me (another KLUTZ) to fall into – as 60 degrees is way too hot for them…

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