Wednesday Thursday

What happened to Wednesday? Did we skip Wednesday this week? I guess I skipped it, ’cause I thought today was Wednesday. I guess that comes with not having a “real” schedule.

Yesterday, which I thought was Tuesday, was probably Wednesday and Martha had a ewe lamb! Six ewe lambs is way better than 2 ewe lambs – 3 times better πŸ™‚


Laying behind Martha the Tuesday Wednesday addition is Craft’s Ruby’s Belle, mother to Martha and grandmother to the new girl. RubyBelle is 14 this year. She lost a top horn last year and looks abit like a unicorn now.


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2 Responses to Wednesday Thursday

  1. Patrice says:

    (Saturday) In case you forgot…

    I love seeing Ruby’s Belle. Still lovely – with or without her horns.

  2. I hate it when I miss days πŸ™‚ It seems like the older I get, the more I miss! Not having a set schedule definitely makes a difference. I’m so happy that you are getting more girls. I have talked to a lot of people that are heavy on the ram lamb side this year.

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