It’s a girl!

We’re still heavy on ram lambs, but have moved to 10/5 rams/ewes from 9/2 with the birth of Broken O Melodie’s ewe lamb this morning.

Melodie knows what she wants and she gets it. In the fall of 2007, as a yearling, she didn’t catch with Southwind Sasquatch. In the fall of 2008, she spent a month with Perfect Spot Artemis before he left for his new home in North Carolina. After that, she went in with Unzicker Jedd for cleanup. Well, Jedd cleaned up! and Melodie produced a pretty Jedd girl.


Three ewes left to lamb.


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3 Responses to It’s a girl!

  1. Patrice says:

    She’s truly a lovely lass..

  2. mudranch says:

    Congratulations Linda! Doing the happy dance with you! πŸ˜€

  3. Hey, Congratulations. Keep those girls coming and such pretty girls at that.

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