Trip to Michigan

Since Gary and Dianne Anderson of Hillside Farm live just 15 miles from my daughter, Alina, I was able to make a brief side trip to meet them in person and see their lovely farm and flock. Everyone told me I was lucky to be in Michigan on a “warm” day – 41! I guess it was better than 0, but still cold for this southerner. I spent 7 winters in Michigan, and even though I’m not a cold weather person, I remembered how pretty the snow was. Well, no go for snow on this trip! The brief warmup had turned several inches of pristine snow to mud. The few piles of snow I saw at the airport were stained with dirt and oil – not really postcard material. So no lovely snowscapes in this blog entry.

Some pictures from Hillside……….

The barn – boy am I jealous!  Some of the flock….


I especially liked the two four horned yearling ewes in this picture. Not as much as I like my own Hillside Holly, but close 🙂



And the Hillside farm dog par excellence..and also very agile.. she’s on top of a round bale with her rawhide


More pictures from my Michigan family (no one is safe!)


The tall guy (6’2″!!!) is our grandson, Alex.


Our new son-in-law, Greg, and Cowboy.






Tits (what kind of name is Tits!)

I tried to get pictures of the new puppy, Bailey, but she’s just too fast! She’s a super smart dog from Craigslist. Her mother is Border Collie and her father was, according to the mother’s owner, “a long legged dog”. She has a face like a German Wirehaired Pointer. We owned and hunted Wirehairs when I lived in Michigan.

I purposely left out the Jack Russell, Buddy Love, after he peed on my lap. He did make up for somewhat by trying to jump through a closed window. I feel sure he just did to amuse me after his little accident.


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One Response to Trip to Michigan

  1. Gary and Dianne used to live about 20 minutes away from me. I miss my sheep buddies. Dianne used to serve a fabulous soup on shearing day!

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