dumb things

I heard on tv….

“are you having a hard time finding gas? you’re not the only one”
Well, duh, what, you thought I was thinking the gas shortage was personal and I was the only one?

“with this technology, the car gets 40 miles per gallon on battery power alone”
Think about it.

“men, do you wake up to urinate?” One would hope so!

From our only tv station (we only get one channel) “check out our new weather webpage and the new interactive radar. See what’s happening at your house!”.
What? Rather than look out my window, I will check out a website to see what’s happening at my house?

And my favorite – the commercial where the cat’s litter box has so little odor that the cat can’t find it. Hmmm….


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One Response to dumb things

  1. Joan says:

    We don’t have TV, just the ability to watch VCR or DVD… Thank goodness too. It’s not worth it… I’d rather listen to the radio though that men waking up to urinate one is on there too. Funny how dumb the media etc. can be. I actually believe they’ve dumbed down our society but then don’t get me started… 😉

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