New Lambs…. and a puppy!


Patchwork Abraham just looks so good! Now the anxious wait begins as I watch his horns develop.


Born on president’s day, what else could I name them? Here’s Patchwork Lincoln 🙂 He’s the adventurer of the bunch.


Born 2/18 to Patchwork Badger. This as yet unnamed boy is the whiner of the bunch!


AND A GIRL!! Hopefully not the last one. Patchwork Jilly has a super fleece.

And Maggie has a new puppy!!!


It really is a puppy, even though it looks like a frog from this angle. I think it’s a Basset Hound. Maggie loves it 🙂


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2 Responses to New Lambs…. and a puppy!

  1. Stunning! The fleeces are gorgeous. A great start to your lambing season.

  2. Patrice says:

    I’m still getting over your last post… shocking. (heh) At least you spared me the actual birthing!! Okay – I’m over it…

    The lambs are incredible… I love the lilacs – can’t help it. Congratulations!!

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