Signs that lambing is near – caution sheep butts

Close your browser now if you don’t want to see a sheep’s private parts…….

One more chance……

Okay, that’s your last warning……….

As lambing approaches, your ewe’s udder will be large and her vulva will be pink and swollen. Today is day 147 for Badger:

Most of my ewes go 149 days, although 147 is not unusual. I had a doctor’s appointment today and rushed home as fast as I could and found……


A Lamb! and…..


Another lamb!!! Way to go Badger!!



You’re not Badger! Looks like Badger will go a few more days. Sweetgrass Heather2, who is at 149 days today, but didn’t look that close, delivered two healthy four horned lilac ram lambs by Patchwork Belvedere.  “how can you tell that lambs are coming? you see feet.”

Despite not really looking imminent this morning, Heather was “calling” to her lambs. That’s one of the more dependable signs that lambs are on the move to the outside world.

Always surprises with these surprising sheep!


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3 Responses to Signs that lambing is near – caution sheep butts

  1. Patrice says:

    Fabulous!! I’m envious… but resigned. I got part of your phone message the other day – and part was gobbledegook (in my ears). Did you say you were gonna email something to me?

    I’m finally out of quarantine. Be coming to see lambs soon.

  2. Congrats.. They are lovely and I’m sure you are very excited to see the first ones of the year. The one on the right is especially handsome.

  3. Mud Ranch says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful boys, both of them! 😀 Now you don’t have to be jealous of those that have lambs on the ground… hard to believe my “illegitimates” are going to be three months old in March! I have a few ewes that are very close to lambing “legitimate” babies here real soon… Can’t wait! 😀

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