I like this entry so much, especially since I seem to have recently become invisible myself, especially to small rude children at the grocery store, I thought I’d share…

Superpowers by Patrice

If there are any advantages to old age (I’m afraid I’ve passed the point of calling myself middle aged unless I manage to live to be 120), it’s that I have gracefully slipped in the role of crazy old lady at the grocery store.. standing my ground before hoards of screaming children racing through the aisles, walking boldly through doors in front of all younger folks, and ‘absentmindedly’ running into abandoned carts that are blocking the aisle.. and muttering under my breath all the while.


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2 Responses to Superpowers….

  1. Wrensong Farm says:

    I like that definition….superpowers…..makes me want to don a cape!! 🙂

  2. KathyB. says:

    I have to say, I feel I have begun to enter this stage of my life. I am either invisible, or deemed very safe. Teenage boys AND girls are usually kind to me and even solicit my advice. Imagine that !This just might be the best time of my life. I have health, a half century of life experience, a beloved husband and family…..and how long can that last ? Nice post, thank-you!

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