Turning in circles…

and, boy, am I cranky! Or, to be accurate, boy, am I cranking……


Meet my “new” Legare 400 Circular Sock Machine.  Although there is no way to determine it’s exact age, the circular sock machine was manufactured from around the end of the Civil War until 1924. My machine is an older style, so in the 90 to 100 year old range. Amazing!

There is a somewhat steep learning curve on these machines. Weight is very critical and during various operations (such as shortrowing for the heel), there will be as much as 8 lbs of weight hanging from the sock. Coupled with the 30 lb weight of this cast iron machine, you want to be sure everything is bolted down securely and keep your feet under your bench. The first few days, I made tubes and tubes and tubes – miles of tubes.


And then I made socks!!! Plain gray socks…….


And bright stripey socks….. (toes still to be grafted – they are kinda airy as they are 🙂 )


When I am not turning my sock machine in circles, I am usually spinning my spinning wheel in circles or spinning the circular drums on my drum carder. Other times I am simply spinning my wheels and wandering around aimlessly in circles.:-D

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3 Responses to Turning in circles…

  1. That is amazing!!! It sounds like it would be dangerous for me – I tend to be a little accident prone 🙂 I LOVE the gray socks!

  2. mudranch says:

    Wow! That is really impressive! Love those socks, the gray look especially compfy! 😀 Very neat machine, I love those old antiques and the history behind them.

  3. Patrice says:

    I looked at that strange machine the other day, but now I see it for what it is. It’s a vortex machine!! You can make fiber funnels and cyclones and possibly a time tunnel – or a new kind of black hole, or even (heh, heh) a rabbit hole…

    The possibilities are endless… as are the tubes, but the socks are beautiful. And I think there’s a market for socks that allow the airing of toes… 😉 We’ve fingerless gloves, and crotchless panties (well, some of us) so why not toe-optional socks?

    It’s a beautiful machine, even though scary – and I know you’ll conquer all its idiosyncrasies.

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