Utter/udder disaster/delight

That’s the kind day it was.  Last week I put a deposit down on something I’ve been wanting for a long time  — a machine even older than me!


This beauty is a circular sock machine, a Legare 400 to be exact.  I have few rules in my life, but one policy I try to follow is that the money for fiber equipment comes from money made from selling my fibers or fiber equipment (and sheep purchases are financed by sheep sales).  Since the csm is heavy, but not big, selling my Ashford Traditional and my standard gauge flatbed knitting machine would not only pay for the csm, but free up some space. Yay, this is going to work out just perfectly. Except…..

All is set for the  buyer of my flatbed Brother standard gauge knitting machine to come pick up her new toy, so I could buy my new toy. When I decide to replace a bent needle a minor setback occurs. My homemade needle retaining bar hangs up and peels the sponge off – inside the machine. OK, don’t panic. I’m sure I can just lift off this one piece and get the jam out. UMM, can’t quite reach the jam from here (and it is a serious major, as in someone wedged silly putty mixed with gorilla glue into the far reaches of the machine, jam) OK, just carefully remove another piece, ok one more piece, be very careful not to touch the punchcard mechanism as that is the dickens to get properly seated if you mess it up. Don’t breathe, move slowly, more slowly. Finally, I can almost reach the jam.  And I do reach the jam and the punchcard mechanism slips out – all 30+ little bitty pieces, which are now in a jumble. No panic, no panic, I have a service manual somewhere.  That helps – now I know the names of the parts that I can’t get assembled properly.  After working from 5 am to 5 pm with very few breaks (well, very few breaks for me – a major break for the machine), I have reduced the main bed of my double bed machine to scrap.

5 pm. Time to bag it up and go feed. The day has not gone well!!

To my “udder” delight, after a day of utter disaster, Badger has an udder! We’re going to have lambs! The day is brighter and I can’t stop smiling.

My flatbed machine will be parted out to sell for close to what the complete machine/ribber would have sold for – just will take a little longer. My antique (and functional) sock machine will be here next week and We’re Going To Have Lambs!

Ain’t life grand 🙂

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3 Responses to Utter/udder disaster/delight

  1. Wrensong Farm says:

    good job of making lemonade! 🙂 Lambs! I can’t wait to start seeing everyones pics!! Great post title by the way!:)

  2. Here’s a great picture of a pregnant Jacob http://kenleighacres.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/poor-poor-marloe/

    This year, we’re probably going to shear after lambing, so ours are in the same boat of fat or fluff 🙂

  3. dandelionmom says:

    OH MAN was that funny! To turn something so frusterating into humor is a gift–then to give up and change your plan was sheer genius! Good luck with the lambs! I’d love to see a pic of a pregnant Jacob–ours were in with a buck before we bought them-but I can’t tell fat from fluff! LOL

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