Sixth Photo Tag

Tagged by: The object is to go to your photo archives and open your sixth folder and post the sixth photo in that folder.


Not the sharpest picture, but still one with a story. This is Hurricane Lili, the first donkey foal born here in September 2002. We sadly just sold our last donkey (Lili’s full sister, Arwen) this fall.  With the drought and still working to establish pasture, we just couldn’t justify a donkey for now.  Donkey foals are the absolute cutest things!!! We’ve had horse foals and, of course, plenty of lambs, but there is something about those ears on a donkey foal that just screams “cute!!! I am cute!!”

Here’s a couple more of Lili:




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6 Responses to Sixth Photo Tag

  1. Patrice says:

    Your photographs are without a doubt, among the best in blogland… and I include those of many professional photographers when I say that…

    The donkey baby is to die for, but it’s Dorthy that has stolen my heart… “all hail Dorthy!!”

    I wish wordpress would get a feed/subscription thingy…

  2. SOOOO Cute! This reminds me that I was tagged too and I forgot. My turn I guess.

  3. Shannon says:

    Too cute!!! She is so precious. I would love to have a donkey, but I just can’t justify one at this point. I will just have to make do with looking at super cute pictures 🙂

  4. mudranch says:

    You are right, there is NOTHING like a baby donkey! I absolutely adore them… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. How cute!!! I’ve never seen a picture of a donkey foal so young before, they are adorable. All ears and legs and cuteness. That’s a great 6th picture.

  6. Wrensong Farm says:

    OMG!!!! I love donkeys and your little Lili is precious!! What great pics….I’m glad that was your 6th/6th!!

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