My name is TWINKY!!

As a lamb, my shepherd called me Twinky ’cause I was so cute and silly looking. My shepherd’s daughter said “what kind of name is Twinky?”  So my name was changed to Bella. I REALLY tried to be Bella. I grew a lovely fleece and strong,  feminine horns.  I ate alot and grew big (although I am just a little bit round – I am friendly and I do like to eat). But I’m still silly looking, although my shepherd said I might be AC’ed so I guess I am pretty special – after all, isn’t an ace the best you can be? (note from shepherd..the AC designation in JSBA means that a ewe exhibits Jacob type, but fails to meet one or more of the criteria for full registration. In Twinky’s case, it is the fact that she is iffy on the required facial markings  – but don’t tell Twinky :-)).  Today my shepherd finally gave in and said “ok, you are Twinky”. Yay!!!  My shepherd is slow, but she usually comes around eventually. Don’t tell her I told you, but this morning she slipped on some icy leaves and fell butt first into a  tub full of water. Now that was silly looking!



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7 Responses to My name is TWINKY!!

  1. mudranch says:

    Hey, in case you ran out of things to blog about… I tagged you for the “sixth photo” tag. Come on over and take a look! 😀

  2. mudranch says:

    Just wanted to say that I like the new look! *Thumbs Up!*

  3. Linda I think Twinkie is a fantastic name. It’s unique and I bet it fits her personality (soft and sweet).
    I’m sure glad it wasn’t me in the water, you would have probably heard me from your place……… 🙂
    She may by missing facial markings but her body markings are perfect.

  4. Shannon says:

    I think the name Twinkie is perfect for her! I can’t even imagine how cold that was. Definitely something I could see myself doing 😉

  5. mudranch says:

    I hope your hind end has warmed by now. 😀 Twinky is pretty… It’s okay, I have an official AC, a black ewe named Cordelia and one that has yet to be AC’ed, a white ewe named Stephanie. 😉

  6. Good thing she didn’t have a tape recorder! It was 33 degrees and a LONG walk back to the house 😀

  7. Wrensong Farm says:

    Twinkie is a pretty girl, even without the facial markings….and I like the name Twinkie for her….there are too many Bellas out there (and I doubt very many Twinkies!):) Too bad Twinkie couldn’t have filmed you with that graceful move into the water tub, I’m sure it would be a classic! (not that I haven’t done something very similar myself……..) 🙂

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