Nothing to do now but wait….

Breeding season is over. There are, of course, a few things to do besides wait, but the wait and the anticipation will dominate the next three months.  Will Belvedere be able to put a muzzle patch on Kayleigh’s lambs? (could little Belvedere even reach tall Kayleigh?)  Will Jedd add some fleece length to Olivia’s lambs? Did Artemis leave some leg markings for Badger’s lambs?  Because of some ram trading and trying to schedule a break in lambing for a trip north in March, our lambing will start in February and end in April.  My focus this year is on improving and increasing our pasture, so I only kept and bred 12 adult ewes. That would be considered cutting back if I hadn’t kept 7 ewe lambs!  But, I did reluctantly sell our last donkey last month 😦

If lambing is my favorite time of year, the day I put the rams back together is my least favorite. I put up my sorting pens this morning and had a well thought out plan. I wanted to catch Jedd up and work with him on a halter for abit before putting Belvedere with him in the small catch pen. Jedd’s a bit skittish and prone to hitting fences when cornered. Everything went really well to start. Belvedere’s girls and Jedd’s girls were reunited with the other ewes with no fuss. Jedd was in the sorting pen, ready for me to catch. 😳 Oops! I left off a couple of ties on the panel and when Jedd hits the panel, he and the panel both fly through the air. It was pretty easy to get him contained in another corner, although he’s now across the fence from Belvedere.  Good sense kicked in and I decided that getting between the two rams, who are now doing their best to tear down the fence, might not be the best move.

After abit, there was enough of a break in the head/fence bashing, that I could get in and move Jedd to the boys’ pad with Belvedere.


Belvedere and Jedd face off. There was some head bashing, but I love this shot with their tongues sticking out like little kids at nursery school.


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4 Responses to Nothing to do now but wait….

  1. Wrensong Farm says:

    That is a GREAT photo! What timing! 🙂 Tammy

  2. I have to confess that since Dave was home, he was there “just in case”. It was much easier having him to help in moving the 16′ panel to get Jedd in a corner. I am a whiz with cattle panels, though. I can pretty much catch or move anyone. I sure do appreciate Dave’s help and couldn’t do it without him.

    I’m already doing trial matings for the 2009 lambs that aren’t even born yet!

  3. mudranch says:

    Wow, brave lady. I told Hubby that I’d move Dub by myself and put him back in with the rams (he wasn’t doing it so… us women folk have to right?), he moved him that morning. Said he didn’t want to see me try and catch him, stop him from running, put a lasso around his horns, dally him to the quad and pull him. That’s exactly what was coming too! 😀

  4. That is a GREAT picture 😉 I agree that putting the rams back together is my least favorite time! Now that 2/3’s of our ewes are sheared, I am really getting anxious about the lambs 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only crazy person with dominating thoughts of lambs to come next year! I know my husband gets sick of hearing about all my thoughts, wishes, and dreams in next years lamb crop. I hope all of your lambs turn out just like you hope they will (gotta stay positive)!

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