It’s fall all over

No, not everybody fall over :-), but autumn all over. I know that everyone has blogged on fall. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the great fall pictures from all over the country. And I KNOW that one more blog on the fall colors is not really necessary. But I’m going to do it anyway. It is, after all, My Blog, where I reign as supreme ruler, setting all the rules and making all the decisions. I am the D.O.R.C of this blog – anybody remember Space Cats? Dorothy went as Dementia DeFortino for Halloween. Come to think of it, she’s been in her Dementia costume for the last 6 years. She has just learned an interesting trick. When I’m late dishing out her canned cat food (always shredded – she refuses to eat cat food that is mushed into an unidentifiable lump) and I’m sitting at the computer, she rather gently pokes me in the side with just one toe nail.  She used to just swat me across the arm, but is learning new tricks in her old age. HMMM.. I think it’s probably me that is learning the new tricks.  Her method of training me has been so efficient that she no longer needs to strong arm me into getting her breakfast. A light tap has me up and jumping through hoops.

Back to fall. It’s been a pretty fall here this year. They say the drought is good for fall color. I’d rather have rain 😦  but can’t resist the fall colors. The colors will be gone all too soon and it will be a long time until spring violets.


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5 Responses to It’s fall all over

  1. Wrensong Farm says:

    WOW! Those pics are nothing short of phenomenal!! Worthy of framing!

  2. Wow, I keep coming back to look at that picture again. I even drug my poor husband to the computer screen to look at it and he agreed it is fantastic. Good job.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments 🙂

    It’s nice to “meet” you, Candice and I enjoyed your blog. The Pumpkin Maple Biscuits look great and I’m going to have to try the recipe.

  4. I love fall pictures from all over the country.
    Your pictures are beautiful! I also love the first one the best, the word stunning is a great description.

  5. OK Supreme Ruler, you win. That first picture of the sun playing through the oak leaves and the sun shining on the trees behind it is absolutely STUNNING. I would bet that if you entered that (and the last one of the leaves and stones) at a local art fair that you would win. Do you have a really good printer you could use to make me a copy and I will buy it from you. Let me know–

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