Home From SAFF – Part 2 – The Sheep Show

First off – a big thank you to Elke Spirakis WellSpring Farm for sending along some photos from the sheep show.

Thanks, Elke! Shown here judging the llama and alpaca fleeces:

You may notice that I have refrained from listing any placings and the sheep are pretty much lined up the way they entered the ring in the photos. While I extend hearty congratulations to the winners (and I was pleased with my placings – and pleasantly surprised to find out that you get MONEY! Wow – with the entries fees and the health certificate, I came out only $31 behind!), I continue to feel that show ring placings do not really indicate what is a good Jacob Sheep. It was a great deal of fun.  We all laughed in the show ring and after.  I had hoped to win Miss Congeniality with Arianna, but discovered they don’t offer that in sheep beauty contests.  There were a number of Jacob breeders that attended and didn’t bring sheep. My favorite part was getting so many of them involved in the showing. I myself am a seasoned show person (Joke :D), having led a sheep around at MSWF last May – first time in the show ring with a sheep. I had a great time at MSWF showing one of Royal’s ewes and it sure looked like the first timers at SAFF also enjoyed themselves. It was such a pleasure to be with so many people that appreciate this unique breed, understand that the worth of our primitive Jacobs is not determined in the show ring, and that remain gracious in winning or losing.  We filled our classes and there will be Jacob classes again next year.

Left to right – Royal Unzicker, Sue Unzicker (Ivy Brook Meadow), Linda Bjarkman (Patchwork Farm), Mary Carrion, Elke Spirakis (Wellspring Farm), Laura ?, Elizabeth Strub (HobbyKnob Farm)

Royal, Sue, Linda, Mary – ewe lambs

Laura, with her first Jacob! along with Elke in the ewe lamb class

Royal and Elizabeth in the ram lamb class

Yearling ewes – Cathy Robinson (Perfect Spot Farm), Elke, Sue and Royal with Judge Lette Kline

The following are from my camera, which my “photographer” had set on A (aperture priority) instead of IA (intelligent auto). Even with image stabilization, it’s hard to get a good shot at 1/10 second! I still got a few, with a little help from a sharpening action I wrote for Photoshop (boy! do I love Photoshop!!!)

Well, it is MY blog, so here’s another of my ewe lambs. Mary showing Hillside Holly, me showing Patchwork Arianna, with Royal at the far right.

Mary and Elizabeth, with ewe lambs

Left to right – Bailey Strub (with the lovely Lorena), Sally McLaren and Dave McLaren (Blue Ewe Jacobs), Royal Unzicker

Cathy Robinson (with the beautiful Patchwork Madison, owned by Royal Unzicker – shameless bragging on my part 🙂 ) and Elke with the elegant Hannah.


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5 Responses to Home From SAFF – Part 2 – The Sheep Show

  1. Shari, we will look forward to seeing you next year at SAFF. The thing about Tiger is that we’ve only lived in Tiger for four years, so that limits what has been sold from Tiger. The only lilac ewe that’s left here in that time is a lamb that went to Kentucky this year. I have, however, sold two starter flocks that included a lilac carrier ram and a lilac carrier ewe. Perhaps Hazel is an offspring?

  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks for sharing all of the photos! It is fun seeing Jacobs from your neck of the woods and to put faces with names – people that is 🙂 It sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Shari Staines says:

    These photos are fantastic. I am so jealous that we didn’t make it! Linda, I MUST make it next year!

    I have my lilac (Hazel) from unknown somebody in TIGER, Ga. Photos to come. She is very tame and 4 horn with lovely markings and very refined. Eats out of my hand and is my most vocal sheep by far. Kingsley is still here and has settled down nicely. He is just gorgeous now. He continues to be offered for sale. He’s just outstanding and the fleece he has is simply amazing. I wish I had more property and I’d find a way to keep him.

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. I recognized your new lilac ewe lamb right away, she sure is pretty. I find it very interesting that in your neck of the woods everyone uses halter and leads. I have yet to see anyone use them on the west coast. If I ever enter the show ring I will use them.

  5. Alina says:

    Absolutely awesome!!

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