Home From SAFF – part 1 – the vendor barn

There was so much to see at SAFF and I took so many pictures that this needs to be a two part post. I’d given my camera to someone to photograph the Jacob Sheep classes.  She mistook the A setting on my camera for automatic (it’s aperture priority) and ended up taking most of the show pictures at 1/8 second. Not exactly the best setting for a sheep show! I’ll be posting photos from the sheep show as I get them from others.

Here’s the Patchwork/Perfect Spot/JSBA booth

Cathy Robinson (right) and Sue Unzicker (left) manning the table

This little 3 day pygmy goat was one of the stars of SAFF

Boy, did I feel great when I saw this skein entered in the skein competition! I missed meeting the spinner when she stopped by our booth. Is this yours? Email me at patchworkfibers@alltel.net. I think you deserve another batt of Patchwork Fibers – green and purples, right?

Some really great works from Jacob Sheep fiber:

AND…THE HATS! You could spend the entire three days just photographing hats.  The variety and the creativity exhibited never fail to amaze me. These male knitters from the Atlanta Knitters Guild gave me (and many others) quite a chuckle.


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2 Responses to Home From SAFF – part 1 – the vendor barn

  1. Now those are fun photos. I love the hats, yes the ones on the fellas. I had to laugh when I read the one shirt “man enought to knit strong enough to purl” 🙂 Hi Cathy Robinson, nice to put a face with a name. Nice booth, you’ve got a little of everything there. Yes, beautiful yarn…

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! That skein of yarn is beautiful – on a drop spindle – wow!!!

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