The way it is…

as opposed to the way it used to be.

Gas used to be 28 cents a gallon (I’m old 🙂 ) For $3 I could fill my my VW Beetle and drive for a month. Hamburger was 4 pounds for a dollar. Hay used to be $1/bale. And it used to rain in northeast Georgia.  The average rainfall here in Rabun county was 60 inches a year when we moved here 1990. We got over 90 inches one year.  It rained almost every day. I got tired of shoveling mud and cleaning the mildew off the walls and my boots. 

For the last four/five years, we have been in a drought. We waver between extreme and exceptional. Every time it rains, we hope that it means that we are going back to the “way it used to be”.  I don’t even bother to hope that gas prices will go down.  And, truthfully, I’d rather it would rain.

 I’m a bit confused about how meteorologists figure drought. It seems to be figured on how much rain has made its way to the reservoirs. 10 inches of rain in a day might fill up Lake Lanier, but it’s hell on dried out hilly land. For pastures we need those 10 inches spread out abit. There’s a measurement called water balance indicator which calculates rainfall against evapotranspiration and gives us what’s left.  Makes more sense.

It’s really time to realize that this weather pattern is the way it is and not some random short term event.  That back pasture isn’t going to get established this year and Bermuda just isn’t working. Grasses that need alot of water are not good choices. Chicory has been a good choice.  Less sheep in this establishment time has been a good choice, too.  Accepting the fact that “this is the way it is” opens up new challenges and new things to learn!


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