She’s just a sheep…

and sheep are just livestock. Right? Right. So why have I been crying all day knowing that tomorrow we will be putting Atocha down. She was injured and can’t be saved. Although she is eating well and is alert, the vet’s picture of what is to come is horrible to consider. Atocha suffered an abdominal tear and the insides are working to the outside. Even very expensive surgery could not be guaranteed to save her and if she survived, she would never be able to lamb again. I don’t have health insurance on myself and I’m afraid expensive surgery on a sheep just isn’t possible for us. And she is just a sheep. Right? So why do I feel so bad? This is sure not my favorite part of farming.

There are so many adages about sheep. “Sheep are just animals looking for a place to die”. “Sick Sheep Seldom Survive.” “A down sheep is a dead sheep.”

Jacob Sheep belie all these old wives tales. (they are sure not among THIS old wife’s tales!). Jacob Sheep fight to live and will live if your doctoring and/or intervention doesn’t kill them and if it is all possible. Unfortunately, Atocha is not going to survive her injury. But she is out there now grazing and comes running with the rest of the sheep for treats. She’s getting extra treats. She didn’t eat for four days after the original injury, but rallied on the fifth day and I did have my hopes up, even though I knew in my heart that it wasn’t likely. It’s hard to watch her out there grazing like a well sheep and know that we will be burying her tomorrow. But, she is happy now and not in pain, so this is the time to do it.

I need some light hearted humor, so I’m going over to to see what Checkers is up to.


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2 Responses to She’s just a sheep…

  1. Mary Tonkin says:

    So sorry to hear about Atocha. I also lost my favorite ewe last fall in a freak accident in the barn. She was from out of state and had been bred for the first time just a week prior to the accident. I cried for two solid days. Sometimes they are more than just livestock to those who care. You are blessed to have a beautiful ewe lamb to carry on her blood lines. I will be looking foreward to seeing the next generation of Atocha.

  2. Theresa says:

    Oh, how sad! I’m so sorry…

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