Can you fix that?

A month or so ago, I received a phone call from a person that had a few Jacob Sheep. While on the phone, she pointed me to her online pictures.  Pretty sheep and I hope she’ll be inspired to register. We moved on to my online pictures.  “your ewes have horns that stick way out.” Well, yes, I say – happy that 14 years of breeding Jacobs has resulted in ewes with laterals that clear the face so well and tops that don’t point towards the face – and, I confess, feeling a bit proud of myself. “can you fix that with selective breeding”? she asks.

puddleduck celine and sunspot atocha

People that love Jacob Sheep are as individual and as opinionated as the sheep we raise. It’s part of what makes it so much fun.  “way cool” as my friend Betty says.

Puddleduck Celine (in the back) and Sunspot Atocha with their way sticky out horns.



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One Response to Can you fix that?

  1. Shannon says:

    Your ewes are lovely with their sticky out horns 🙂 I love looking at everyone’s individual flocks!

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