No Chew – No Toe – No Show

There is a great new bandage available that has a taste that dogs don’t like, so they don’t pick at their dressings. It’s called a “no chew” bandage.  Lucy, our pit-iful bull, got one yesterday. We traded her toe and my check for this wonderful invention.  If you’ve kept up with my blog, you know that Lucy is a dog I found as a pup on the side of the road when she was 4 months old 12 years ago. She was so frightened of people that it took me two hours to get her to come to me.  When I finally managed to touch her, she sighed and said “I’m home.”  Lucy was diagnosed years ago with bad hips, so when she was having trouble with one hind leg, I just thought “hip” after checking her feet.  When one toe started to swell and got “gross” (you don’t want to hear the details), I took her to vet, where it was decided to remove the toe. I was there during the surgery and it was quite interesting. There sure are a lot of bits and pieces and little squiggly things in a toe. Lucy is already feeling better and she likes her green “no chew” bandage better than she liked her old toe. I like her new bandage a lot better than I like “no show” prospective sheep buyers.  Is there some reason that people can’t let you know they aren’t going to be here? Shoot – I even like Lucy’s old toe better than I like inconsiderate people.  


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