Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I combined a wonderful visit with family in Maryland with a trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. While I do enjoy seeing spinning and weaving equipment, I wouldn’t go if it weren’t for the chance to see Jacob Sheep and visit with other Jacob Sheep breeders. It was great to finally meet Ralene and Eli!

I don’t much care for crowds – and MSWF is definitely crowded!! I enjoyed taking a look at the 30″ Jensen wheel in person and will be daydreaming for abit on that. I got to treadle on a Fireside tapestry loom and now I gotta have one, maybe after I buy the Jensen :-). I did buy two new bobbins for the Woolee Winder on my Kromski. Oh, I did I mention that I also bought a sheep???

Unzicker Jedd is such a handsome boy with a wonderful hornset.

I also saw my very first sheep show and even got to show! Thanks to Royal and Sue for letting me show Patchwork Madison. It was really alot of fun.

Here’s me and Madison (on the left) with a pretty 4Horn Farm ewe on the right, owned by the Robisons from Pennsylvania.

We even placed!! Here’s Royal Unzicker with Unzicker Mingle winning first (and Grand Champion Jacob ewe) , Brandon Woolley with Showphar Libby (owned by Royal) in second, me with Patchwork Madison (owned by Royal) in third, and Peggy Vanbeek in fourth.

Brandon Woolley showed Unzicker Basil and Alex Vanbeek showed a very nice Ridgecroft ram in the yearling ram class. Alex’s ram won the class (and GC Jacob ram) and Basil placed second.

The ram lamb class was won by Unzicker Jenner. A really nice Ridgecroft ram took second.


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One Response to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

  1. mary tonkin says:

    Wonderful pictures and very nice sheep. Looks like you got yourself a nice ram lamb there. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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