Blogging is a winter sport – and Willa Lena

Or so it seems.  Spending time at the computer on a gorgeous spring/summer (it was hot! here today) just doesn’t compute.

Since I refused to go to town for the last 2 weeks after surgery on my lip for fear of frightening small children, I did have some extra time at home. It’s amazing how much time errands take.  It was wonderful to have an excuse to stay at home, although something less annoying would have been fine with me. I don’t much care for shopping.

I decided to see if I could wash, card, and spin an entire fleece in a week – and here it is! It was purposely carded to leave in the color variations and it’s a pretty heathery yarn from Olivia.

Alina asked once why I never named a sheep Alina or Alex.  Because sometimes sheep get culled.  How could I take Alex or Alina to the butcher? Which reminds me of funny story. A friend had goat kids in her car on the way to have them castrated at the vet’s.  She stopped on the way on some errand or other. When she left, she said “gotta run, I’m taking the kids to be castrated”.  A little later, she realized that perhaps that didn’t come across just right.

This little girl is a keeper and I don’t think she’s going to the butcher, so she’s going to be Willa Lena. Which is close to Alina, but not so close that I’ll never be able to part with her.  Here’s Willa Lena. 



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2 Responses to Blogging is a winter sport – and Willa Lena

  1. Thanks 🙂 The yarn is headed to the local yarn shop. Although I keep looking at it and thinking … hmm… enough for a sweater. I do plan to use the yarn from RubyBelle’s fleece for something for me.

  2. I hear ya on the “winter sport” – whew! You’ve had some really fun entries lately though – thanks! Your yarn is beautiful. What are you going to do with it?

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