A Quest!

I’m going on a quest! The dictionary defines a quest as:

1. a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something: a quest for uranium mines; a quest for knowledge.
2. Medieval Romance. an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something: the quest of the Holy Grail.

Do I search for treasure? adventure? knowledge? Nah – I search for my ear tag pliers.  Somewhere in this house is a gateway into another world, where things like one sock of each pair, the tv remote, my Interweave book of scarves, and my ear tag pliers slip silently and unobserved into a household in another dimension. That household is currently exclaiming “my goodness, how did these ear tag pliers get into the refrigerator? Do we have anything around here that needs ear tags?” You never know where the gateway will open.  Once I found noodles under a pillow on the couch.  Although, Lucky the dog may have had something to do with that.  He was an adopted stray and liked to have emergency rations hidden just in case he ever had to go hungry again.  Perhaps I unfairly accused him and in another world a family was sitting down to supper and wondering where the noodles went.

During my quest, I’m sure I will run across things from the other dimension.  In the process of finding my pliers, I’ll find old cooking magazines and will sit and read all the recipes.  A Handwoven that might be mine, but might have come from a weaver in another world.  I’ll read that, too.  By the end of the day, I may not find my pliers, but I’ll have some great ideas for supper and ideas for weaving projects.


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