No, No, I won’t go!

A war protest? No, just Macaroon’s lamb looking like she’s on her way back to the womb rather than out into the world. 6 am this morning finds Macaroon standing dejectedly in a corner with her head down and under her tail – another tail. No sack, no feet, just 3 inches of a tail.  This is not good. Lambs are supposed to jump joyously into the world feet first followed by a wagging tail. Not proceeded by a limp tail.  I haven’t had to pull many lambs as in actually having to reach in, as opposed to a few gentle tugs, thank goodness.  This is my second in 15 years.  The hard part is sorting out the parts. I can find the butt – follow the tail.  I find two hind legs which are quite different from front legs and fairly easy to identify. And check for extra parts that might belong to a sibling.  Ok, push butt forward, work legs back. Use lots of vasoline.  No matter how hard I work, I just can’t get the hind legs straightened.  I call my vet, who can’t get here soon, but gives me instructions for tying ropes to the feet and working the lamb forward while using the ropes to gently work the feet into the outermost position. At this point, I decide it’s a good time to wake Dave and ask for his help. And what do we find when we get there?  Macaroon laying down, motionless, and a “blob” behind her. Fully expecting to find a dead lamb, I am surprised (and quite happy) to see movement in the “blob” and even more gratified when the blob stands up and becames a lilac ewe lamb.  Dave says “I’m a pretty good helper, I just need to be here!” Macaroon is busy making mother noises and cleaning her lamb, but she doesn’t want to stand.  When the lamb strays out reach, I move the lamb back.  Another call to my vet. Write this down “anytime a ewe goes through a prolonged or difficult delivery, she needs calcium. Dextrose and B complex are also good, but calcium is very important.” Thanks, Dr. Ann!!!  After the calcium injections, Macaroon stands and finishes cleaning her lamb.  All is well!

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