Back when a family doctor was just that

Went to the doctor today.  Or, more precisely, the clinic that is part of some medical comglomerate. And doesn’t have one single MD.  For almost 20 years, Dave and I went to Dr. King here in Georgia.  He had retired from the Army as a doctor and chose to operate a small, very personal, medical practice here.  One day a week, he went to the nursing homes to minister to the patients. A doctor that was still doing house calls! He removed Dave’s skin cancer. He treated my pleurisy and helped me through quitting smoking.  He helped me through a cancer scare.  He drove an old pickup truck and his wife drove an old Buick.  Eventually, it was time for him to retire and Med Link took over.  

 Today I go to the doctor. He says “beyond what I can do – call a specialist – that will be $51”. 

 I’m 59.  I don’t remember when dinosaurs walked the earth.  But I sure do remember when Dr. Barnes  set my first husband’s broken arm and later on delivered my daughter.

What’s this shit (it’s my blog, I can say shit) where we have a primary care physician with only one job – to point us to to other doctors?


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