More lambs!

Seems to be hard to find the time to sit down at the computer lately. First there’s this @@##! daylight saving time and the warm weather. Who wants to be inside?

This little ewe is much prettier in person – her head isn’t really twice the size of her body! She is just so goldarn silly looking in the picture, I couldn’t resist posting it. Every lamb gets to be cute for a minimum of a month and then we get serious with the critiquing. And you gotta admit, she’s cute! No, she doesn’t have much in the way of facial markings in person,either. And yes, that is a tuft on the right eye. She is a twin born to a 13 year old ewe. I think RubyBelle just ran out of eye patches 🙂


Here’s an interesting result of a carefully (so I believed, anyway) thought out breeding pair. Heather has big eye patches, but not much of a muzzle patch. Finalist has big eye patches and good muzzle patch. OK, I’m going to put muzzle patches on these lambs. Huh? where did the eye patches go?


Just so you don’t think that we didn’t get any eye patches :D, here’s Atocha’s ewe lamb from Wednesday and Olivia’s ewe lamb from today.




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